Worn Wear: A film about stories we wear by Patagonia

If at all you want any movie to affect the way you think and act – then let this be the one that does that in the new year. Worn Wear is a film that can transform the way you think about the way you live and the way you buy – especially in this […]

Unilever looks to young entrepreneurs to help make sustainable living commonplace

New awards launched by Unilever in partnership with the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership to find next generation of sustainable living entrepreneurs London & Rotterdam – September 2, 2013 – A new international awards programme designed to inspire young people around the world to tackle environmental, social and health issues is announced today by Unilever and the […]

“An Exciting Brand” may be Hot but not Sustainable!

It seems that the Indian youth doesn’t find Sustainability to be either hot, exciting or desirable! Let’s see why. Yesterday, The Economic Times newspaper featured a list of 100 Most Exciting Brands in India today. Exciting…in the eyes of the India’s youth (15-24 year olds), which was the survey representation. This is a very real mainstream example of how advertising affects […]

Do you buy less, buy better? Find out in RE:THINKING CONSUMPTION report

Do you really think we are buying less and at the same time buying better? Which essentially means that we (as in, some of us) have reduced our consumption patterns or reduced what we buy – groceries, clothing, gadgets and what have you. And in the process are buying better quality (read, by paying higher […]

Relax. Go easy on water with Water Free Urinals

That’s the picture I stared at stuck right in front of me while doing it in the washroom of DLF Promenade, an upmarket mall in Delhi built by the DLF group. I thought about this message for a while directed to the visitors of this place – this is one of the fantastic examples of green marketing strategies I […]

Brewing sustainability with their mission statements? Not Quite – A look at 5 coffee companies

Lately, I’ve seen myself working out of different coffee shops in Delhi with a small cappuccino and an extra espresso shot to go for a couple of hours – all adding up to the growing coffee culture in India, a country that has a huge potential of everything western. A market like Austria has coffee’s per capita consumption of 10kg. In […]

Is Sustainability a part of your sales pitch?

It doesn’t matter what you sell, where  you sell, whether you even sell or not – the question still remains – Is Sustaianbility a part of your sales pitch? The other day I was in conversastion with a sales guy selling various services and products in the design-tech area and that got me to write this […]

Video: The Journey of Sustainable Business

I came across this particularly interesting website called GECKO – Greennovate E-learning Platform on Sustainability. This site offers free, innovative educational programs, inspiring everyone to become ambassadors and develop a more sustainable lifestyle…in China. Here’s a short 12 min video taken from the site that traces the journey from the Industrial Revolution to the present. More videos […]

Video:Disrupt & Delight

Taken from Sustainable Brands. View more videos at http://www.sustainablebrands.com/digital_learning Sustainable brands large and small are increasingly connecting consumers, brand teams, suppliers and subject-matter experts in the innovation process to embed sustainability and social purpose into every business strategy, product design and stakeholder relationship. In this 20-minute plenary, BBMG’s Raphael Bemporad suggests market trends that will […]

2 companies using “R2” as a Proactive Marketing Strategy

Resource recovery (R2) is a process through which either products, materials and energy values are captured from the waste or residual streams and reused in other or future production-consumption cycles. It is the second line of defense – an ecosystem housekeeping function that comes in to play only after the P2 strategy has left any pollution still […]

2 companies using “P2” as a Proactive Marketing Strategy

Pollution Prevention (P2) is reducing or eliminating waste at the source by modifying production processes, promoting the use of non-toxic or less-toxic substances, implementing conservation techniques, and re-using materials rather than putting them into the waste stream. It is an effective ‘getting more from less’ strategy. A true proactive strategy assumes at the start of the […]

Does Promotional Mix differ in Sustainability?

No! Advertising, Personal selling, Sales promotion, and Publicity or PR – the 4 major elements of promotion mix in traditional marketing are the same for Green or Sustainable Marketing and communications. Only that each of these has a specific role and application in sustainability spin. Let’s take a brief look at each one of these: Advertising A mass media tool reaching […]

6 ways to Communicate Sustainability Strategies effectively

Let’s say, you have a great strategy in the area of desgin for environment for your new product –  your designers think it to be a clear winner in the sustainability embedded design category – and yet the product doesn’t take-off – worse, no one is even aware of the sustainability characteristics in it – […]

What Green Marketing will achieve that Traditional Marketing won’t?

In spite of its incredibly long run in the business, an inherent problem exists in the traditional marketing approach – it achieves its goals and targets – AT ANY COST. Yes, that is the problem! What  will Green Marketing achieve that traditional marketing won’t? To answer this, let’s first look at where Traditional Marketing starts? […]

“Don’t buy this Jacket” – And yet…

If we remember, in November last year, Patagonia came out with a campaign telling people to not to buy their jacket! Why? I tell my daughter to take a holiday from the school and then she wants to go to the school. You tell your boss that you are quitting and then he gives you higher responsibility. We […]

Six Sustainability embedded Pricing Strategies

Sustainability Embedded Pricing can play a major role in acting as a key differentiator from the competition. Here are 6 design for environment (dfe) pricing strategies that can be incorporated in products to deliver ongoing gains: Premium Green Pricing A number of surveys all over the world have repeatedly shown that a particular segment of […]

Was Coca Cola in white can a good Sustainable Marketing strategy?

Before we dig into it, let’s first understand what Sustainable Marketing is. I have another post specifically answering this question (What Green Marketing will achieve that Traditional Marketing won’t?) But for the purpose of this post, very briefly, Sustainable Marketing is an extension of traditional marketing, in that, it goes beyond customer delight and firm’s bottom line […]

How do you like your coffee?

Last week I was at Freshness Burger, a Japanese fast food chain. Embossed on the stirrer given with my coffee were these words: Use the stairs instead of the elevator And I wondered about the possible connection between stirring my coffee and using the stairs? But of course – it was one of the most subtlest Green Marketing messages […]

Is Sustainable Marketing realistic?

From consumer products like a face wash from Body Shop to cars to wind turbines and everything in between is potentially a green sell. Sustainable marketing has come to be an integral part of the marketing campaigns of the businesses today. Also referred to as ‘Green marketing’, companies in an effort to gain the competitive advantage like to […]

Do they really care!

Green consumer – does it exist?

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