Why Pavan Sukhdev thinks the mandatory 2% CSR spend is short-sighted

As a part of the ongoing series of my blogposts (read the earlier post here) on the recent legislation by the government mandating compulsory spending 2% of the company’s net profits in the CSR acitivities, I was in touch with Pavan Sukhdev, the Founder & CEO of GIST advisory and the author of the latest book, Corporation 2020. I also did a review […]

Don’t view 2% CSR spend as a spend – view it as a core business strategy

Do you think of the recent Companies Bill in India mandating companies of certain size to spend 2% of their net profits on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities will bring higher transparency, efficiency and responsibility among the Indian businesses? While there is some merit in this bill, it will not change the business models. It will not […]

Mainstreaming the Economics of Ecosystems @ CII ITC Sustainability Summit

The evening session of Day 1 of the CII-ITC Sustainability Summit in Delhi ended with a topic that challenges the current economic system. The Economics of Ecocystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study that came out in 2007 challenged the way we need to value our natural capital. But we still see, that such economics is yet to […]

Brewing sustainability with their mission statements? Not Quite – A look at 5 coffee companies

Lately, I’ve seen myself working out of different coffee shops in Delhi with a small cappuccino and an extra espresso shot to go for a couple of hours – all adding up to the growing coffee culture in India, a country that has a huge potential of everything western. A market like Austria has coffee’s per capita consumption of 10kg. In […]

“The Car is the problem!”

Cities are increasingly being built for cars and not for people, when it should be the other way round.  And more cars (irrespective of whether they are green or not) mean reduced green cover in the city and increased cover of asphalt, roads and concrete. And that is the challenge of sustainability – how to cause change without affecting […]

Making Sustainable Urban Mobility a reality

  The 4 day event of the 6th EST or Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum and the 4th  Urban Mobility Conference held in Delhi was the first year report card on the Bangkok 2020 declaration, which is the vision for Asia in promoting sustainable transport towards a green economy. I had the opportunity to be present during all the […]

5 Takeaways from the CII-ITC Sustainability Solutions Summit

The 2-day Sustainability Solutions summit recently hosted by the CII-ITC Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development concluded on a ‘positive’ note. After all, don’t all conferences end on a high note with a definitive road map laid out for the all the stakeholders to pursue their goals of sustainable development.

“Can Silicon Valley repeat itself in Sustainability?” asked @ XLRI-WWF Sustainability conference

XLRI School of Business and Human Resources in partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF India) held a conferernce on 21st November,  titled “Sustainability: The Outlook of Business and Government” of which I was a part of. The main takeway after walking out of it was that the dialogue on sustainability has started and some of the […]

Is India’s growth Sustainable?

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell – Edward Abbey Growth is good – but at whose expense? That is the question that Indian policy makers need to analyze. American style capitalism has been a role model of most of the developed economies of the world today, but it […]

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