Expectations from Business and Government in context of Climate Change

 Neither the business by it self or the government on its own can tackle climate change issues. Both need to set their priorities very clear in context of climate change and then act upon them. As Interface Carpet’s blog title suggests, we need to “Cut the fluff” and get to some actionable steps. Here are […]

Why Pavan Sukhdev thinks the mandatory 2% CSR spend is short-sighted

As a part of the ongoing series of my blogposts (read the earlier post here) on the recent legislation by the government mandating compulsory spending 2% of the company’s net profits in the CSR acitivities, I was in touch with Pavan Sukhdev, the Founder & CEO of GIST advisory and the author of the latest book, Corporation 2020. I also did a review […]

Look who’s reading your Sustainability Report

(GUEST POST) As India Inc. begins to adopt Sustainability reporting,  investors are likely to be combing through it and select winners from  the rest.In these reports businesses share about efforts  undertaken by them to engage their stakeholders and to preserve the environment they operate in. When  analyzed, the Sustainability Reports reveal a linkage between the  […]

How to Reinvent Capitalism via Creating Shared Value?

Nestle is very clear on what it intends to achieve – find ways and methods by which businesses can play a role in the development of the communities and countries it operates in or in other words it wants to Create Shared Value – both for the business and for the society. Nestle’s Creating Shared Value […]

What is Value creation and Good Corporate Governance?

A fortnight ago I attended the CII ITC’s Sustainability Summit but was unable to write on some of the key topics, like how a good corporate governance structure can create both societal as well as business value in the long run. So, here’s a brief run-up on that. Setting the tone… YC Deveshwar, Chairman of ITC believes that… …in less than […]

Video: Green Economy and Sustainable Development

Here is one video I thought is particularly interesting. Though it’s a bit dated (created in the run-up to Rio+20), the video takes the viewer through a short history of sustainable development. This short 10 miniute clip brings back the social into the Green Economy, which is often missed out on these discussions. 1987 – Our […]

10 reasons why business should conduct Corporate Ecosystem Evaluation

I came across a report titled“Corporate Ecosytem Valuation – Building the business case” developed by World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). About 10 years ago, one of the first attempts was made by 13 environmental economists to put a value of ecosystem services that the businesses extract – $33 trillion a year. The more recent interim TEEB study […]

Right metrics bring right behavior

(GUEST POST: by Pawan Mehra, Managing Director at a sustainability consulting firm cKinetics) In our work with clients and analysis carried out at firms undertaking Sustainability initiatives, cKinetics has found the selection of metrics as a pivotal piece in building a Sustainability strategy and leading to a firm becoming more responsible (and consequently being seen as […]

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

GUEST POST by Rajendra Shende, Chairman, TERRE Policy Centre, former Director, UNEP   In 1997, these words reverberated at the round table in The White House, Washington DC – spoken by a Nobel Laureate.   Prof F. Sherwood Rowland, a chemist with a grit and a grace to match, not only sounded the alarm on the thinning […]

Promoting Corporate Responsibility

Companies and the industry at large can take certain measures that will promote corporate responsibility. Such measures may be regulatory or voluntary. But as is seen, most of the companies that are at the forefront of corporate responsibility do it as a voluntary effort in order to not only differentiate themselves but also be seen […]

7 Top tweets @ Business Forum on Climate Change

I was recently invited to a Business Forum on Climate Change organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with ITC, a corporate sector organization. The CII-ITC together have formed a center of excellence called the Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) that works on connecting the sustainability issues with the business […]

Being morally accountable in emerging markets – Role of MNC’s

MNC’s need to understand the mindset of the emerging economies. A product that works in the developed world may not work in the developing world. Similarly advanced and current labor/employment laws in a home country may not deem fit in the host country. The key is to balance the laws with the host country’s economic […]

EU ETS – Why the need, what needs to be done and by whom?

Following up on my earlier post “Measure tonnes of Carbon not tons of dollars that EU ETS will save!”, I did some brief research on the topic and here’s a quick primer on European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme cumulated from various sources. Why the need for ETS? Doubling of aviation carbon emissions in Europe between 1990 […]

Measure tonnes of Carbon not tons of dollars that EU ETS will save!

I’m not an International Trade Expert, or a Finance guru or an Economics erudite – but it just makes sense to have carbon tax on “all” flights! Period. Why – is my first reaction. Why oppose the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme)? This is the Right Thing to do – regardless. Perhaps the only thing to be […]

Fighting the battle between Commercialization & Values

We’re committed to healthy food, healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy business A classic example of a sustainability embedded mission statement demonstrating inherent values of a company – Stonyfield Farm, now a part of the Danone Group, is seeing its top leadership change for the first time. Last month Gary Hirshberg – the environmental activist turned businessman,  stepped down […]

How do you define your Scope of Extended Enterprise?

Consider for example, when Coca Cola looks into the future and worry about the looming water shortage which is intrinsic to their product. Or when Walmart looks ahead and see the depleting fish reserves in the ocean or when Ikea, wonders where they are going to source their raw materials 20 years from now. The […]

7 Overarching Objectives of Sustainability

Companies pursue Sustainable Business Development (SBD) for a variety of objectives, primarily because the businesses have come to realize that there is value associated with adopting Sustainability principles. Once the companies start thinking along the stakeholder value dimension along with the shareholder value, the need for sustainability will emerge making it self so evident that building […]

Is India’s growth Sustainable?

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell – Edward Abbey Growth is good – but at whose expense? That is the question that Indian policy makers need to analyze. American style capitalism has been a role model of most of the developed economies of the world today, but it […]

23 things they didn’t tell you about Capitalism

Capitalism is the worst economic system except for all the others –  W. Churchill I recently listened to a podcast talk by Ha Joon Chang, a true capitalist who debunks the myths about capitalism. He is S.Korean by descent and works on developmental economics at Cambridge University. His blunt and cutting approach tells you as it is – not […]

Tools for Triple Bottom Line Accounting

To identify true social and environment costs and then allocating those costs in the right context at the right places within the company so that these costs are factored in the final product cost, we need tools like: ABC (Activity based costing): Using this method, environmental costs become self evident, as ABC tries to allocate costs to […]

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