Is Sustainability a part of your sales pitch?

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It doesn’t matter what you sell, where  you sell, whether you even sell or not – the question still remains – Is Sustaianbility a part of your sales pitch?

The other day I was in conversastion with a sales guy selling various services and products in the design-tech area and that got me to write this a very short post on the topic. For those of us entrenched in sustainability, it seems like a no-brainer about the concept of design-for-environment strategy to sell sustainability to the client (who may or may not be aware). But a regular sales person, who is more concerned about reaching his targets and building his trust and relationship and his career to say the least, sustainability doesn’t even come on his radar screen.

He contacts a client. Meets up with him. Identifies his need and then shows him the solution – his product or service. And he doesn’t even mention sustainbility or green. Unless we as a company mention or talk about sustainability in every sales pitch we make, in every proposal we send out, in every conversation we have with a client, on our website, on our brochures, at the presentations – we are in effect saying – “We don’t care about the environment and don’t care about efficiency and green strategies much less about providing a solution to you in that realm”.

So the question emerges – How do you embed sustainability in your sales/elevator pitch? If your SOP or statement of purpose doesn’t include some sort of sustainable strategy that clearly show your commitment in the area then you may not be seen as a laggard in the industry, but then you may not also be seen at the cutting-edge-ahead-of-competition. Sustainability does pay but even if it isn’t (at the moment), then make it pay by making it a USP or as an added service that your company will provide over and above the “real-revenue-generating-service”!

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Why not try this next time – “And as an add-on, we can make your solutions more greener, thus saving you costs in the bargain and be seen as a more concerned organization in the eyes of your employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.”

How do you think can sustainability become a part of the sales pitch?

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