Video: Bandi Mbubi demands a Fair Trade cell phone

When we have Fair Trade coffee, Fair Trade clothes…then what about Fair Trade technology? Our mobile phone, computer and game console have a bloody past — tied to tantalum mining, which funds the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Drawing on his personal story, activist and refugee Bandi Mbubi gives a stirring call to […]

Alliances for building Ethical Supply Chains

Building ethical supply chains is not an overnight job. It requires forming strategic alliances between companies, NGO’s, voluntary organizations and various trade unions stretching back into the countries where the raw material is grown by the farmers. Different industries have a different set of initiatives to build their supply chains. For example, Starbucks, Cadbury’s and […]

Behind our sleek ipads and iphones – China & CSR

It is said that a company can’t succeed in a society that fails. When you know there are people dying, who can be accounted for in terms of suicides in the supplier factories due to the stress of poor pay, overtime work, humiliations – all to produce our insatiable demand for gadgets – iphone, ipad, xbox, […]

Affecting change deep into the Supply chain

(Deconstructing the Adidas case study in “Walking the Talk” by Schmdhieny, Watts and Holliday) What happens when a big influential multinational corporation like Adidas, a manufacturer of sporting goods, goes into local far flung corners of the world – in communities that lack infrastructure or even proper regulatory environment? Upliftment of standards of living and […]

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