Can we ever live consciously?

The recent IPCC report reiterates what has already been proved – that humanity is largely responsible for changing the climate and even if the World Inc. begins to reduce its green house gas (GHG) emissions now, earth will experience temperature rise, sea rise, heat waves, rains and what have you. This is, if we become conscious […]

Video: Where are the laws against Ecocide?

Polly Higgins at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, London). Later in conversation with Martin Wright of Forum for the Future and Editor in Chief, Green Futures If there are laws against Genocide, if there are laws against slavery, laws against suicide, and laws against all sorts of crimes  – then why are there no laws […]

Celebrating Earth Day has the backfire button built into it

42 years ago, someone had the sense to observe the first Earth Day (April 22). This year it’ll be celebrated by 192 countries around the world! That’s about a billion people participating in it – making it the largest civic observance in the world. But does it really make sense to observe just a single day out of the […]

Decoupling GDP and Happiness

Can GDP and happines be decoupled? Does economic growth equal happiness? These are the questions that economists have been toying around with for quite some time now. GDP as measured today is used as the sole indicator of growth rates as theway to assess a country’s performance on the global scale. It measures economic output but overlooks areas of air […]

The Green Road: Treading uncharted waters

The next time you go for your iced latte at Starbucks, observe the ice melting away in the glass. As you sit sipping away at your drink, two oxygen molecules befriend a carbon molecule, forming a potent gas that threatens to liquefy all of the ice not only in your glass but all over the […]

Gambatte Japan – Doing as the Japanese do

When I first came to Japan 6 years ago, I was so impressed by Japanese technology and its people that I couldn’t help my self from writing about them. So, I wrote this article for my company newsletter. I think it holds more relevance now than ever before. The recent Tohoku quake along with the […]

Consumption Fetish

Man is a living contradiction- a split being. He is selfish and selfless at the same time. And so is the business world. On one hand we see companies striving to be green and gravitating towards sustainability, and on the other, it is also promoting endless consumption – a complete disconnect. 

The Right Thing

What is the right thing to do? If you happen to climb Mt.Fuji, one of the sage advices you’ll get by the wiser folks is –  make sure that you leave the mountain cleaner and more beautiful than you originally found it to be. It’s the only one we got. Well, that, in my opinion […]

Listen to the message

     “This may be New Zealand’s darkest day,” said NZ PM John Key, after the powerful earthquake that ripped through Christchurch yesterday killing 65 people.           The opening decade of the 21st century was nothing short of being tumultuous – the cute named hurricanes lashing US shores, terrible rains flooding Mumbai,UK, and Australia, deadliest of all tsunamis hitting […]

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