Urb-E – Meet the World’s Most Compact E-vehicle

Personal Mobility is finally starting to take off. Using the Lithium-ion battery, Urb-E or the world’s most compact e-scooty is focused on connecting the last mile – from a train, a bus or even after parking your car. It claims to go for 20 miles on single full charge that takes up to 3 hours. […]

BMW’s All-Electric i3: Will This Vehicle Steal Tesla’s Thunder?

When Motor Trend crowned the Tesla Model S the 2013 Car of the Year, it put the electric car manufacturer on a pedestal no one could touch. Now, BMW wants to take its place with the introduction of its first all-electric vehicle, the i3. While electric cars are just getting started, fuel-efficient hybrids and diesels […]

Designing cities for people and not for cars – Improving Walkability

Walkability is a growing concern in our cities. Sure enough, a city that doesn’t provide appropriate pedestrain infrastructure to its dwellers is sending a strong message of insecurity and unsafe streets – streets that are increasingly being built for cars and not for people. And this is disheartening, because real joy of a city is always experienced […]

“The Car is the problem!”

Cities are increasingly being built for cars and not for people, when it should be the other way round.  And more cars (irrespective of whether they are green or not) mean reduced green cover in the city and increased cover of asphalt, roads and concrete. And that is the challenge of sustainability – how to cause change without affecting […]

Is it bad economy or is it the Carpooling explosion in Italy?

“Italy has become Europe’s weakest major car market with declining sales across the region as a whole.” This was reported in the Automotive News Europe website. New car sales in Italy declined by 26.7 percent in March this year and by 20.9 percent in the quarter. While the experts may attribute this slowing trend to the bad and sluggish […]

Urban Mobility is fast becoming Social, Mobile and Peer-to-Peer

Is the travel behavior changing the world over? What is “On-demand” mobility? What is the future of urban mobility in modern cities? A billion cars can certainly create a hole in the environment – those same billion cars can also cause traffic congestion, fuel wastage, and higher pollution levels – all costing billions of dollars to the […]

Green cars at Delhi Auto Expo 2012…So What!

Automakers from all over the world want to exploit the stupendously growing car market in India – spreading their wings from a small sized low-cost vehicles to big sized SUV’s to high end luxury cars. The diverse mix in India’s consumer is hard to categorize into any one segment – it wants it all. But as […]

3 organizations that are making our cities walkable

“Any town that doesn’t have sidewalks, doesn’t love its children” – Margaret Mead, anthropologist So, how do we ensure the walkability in our cities? The new cities being built have much more scope of embedding walkability into them since they are built from ground-up – regardless of their DNA – they can be made walkable. The challenge […]

The why and how of walkable cities

So, we have 2 questions to tackle – Why do we need walkable cities and how do we go about building them? This post tackles the why. My next post will look into the how of it. So, why do we need more walkable cities in India?  It helps reduce crime and hence makes more safer […]

“Jugaad” based Sustainable transport

  Image via Wikipedia There’s a famous joke driving home the concept of “Jugaad”. Once NASA had trouble in starting their expensive space craft. A Sardarjee, a scooter mechanic is called from an local Indian market to solve the problem. He asks the NASA scientists to tilt the spacecraft at exactly 45degrees. They do so and off goes […]

Making Sustainable Urban Mobility a reality

  The 4 day event of the 6th EST or Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum and the 4th  Urban Mobility Conference held in Delhi was the first year report card on the Bangkok 2020 declaration, which is the vision for Asia in promoting sustainable transport towards a green economy. I had the opportunity to be present during all the […]

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