How to inspire Sustainable living? Try Unilever’s 5 Levers for Change

Why we buy what we buy? Why do we ever buy things? Why is 16% of population responsible for 78% of consumption? Why are humans such a greedy lot?

These and many more questions get answered in the Unilever’s brand new report titled:

Inspiring Sustainable Living: Expert Insights into Consumer Behaviour & Unilever’s Five Levers for Change

The 5 levers of change:

1. Make it Understood

2. Make it Easy

3. Make it Desirable

4. Make it Rewarding

5. Make it a Habit

These levers hinge on three basic premise of BARRIERS- things that stop people from adopting a new change, TRIGGERS – getting people to start a new behavior, and MOTIVATORS – things that help them stick with a new behavior

Read about the latest report on consumption behaviors: RE:THINKING CONSUMPTION – Consumers and the future of Sustainability

It is now well known that the way we live is unsustainable. So the key lies in changing the way we live and the major portion of that change is driven by our consumption patterns. Companies can use the power of their brands to normalize our behavior. This report, the company thinks is a practical tool that when applied consistently will bring about the much needed behaviour change that will ultimately (hopefully) have a lasting impact!

Here’s what Unilever states in The Guardian:

A huge part of our environmental impacts come from how people use our products; two thirds of the greenhouse gas impacts across the lifecycle and about half of our water footprint is associated with consumer use. So inspiring consumers to adopt new sustainable products and behaviours is fundamental to achieving the goals set out in the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

To know more, access the full report here

For more reports, click here

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