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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are very strict when it comes to respecting our readers privacy. If you are trusting us with your private email to subscribe to the newsletter, then it is our ethical responsibility to keep that information intact and secure with us and in no way share it with any third party. 

Personal Information

We may use this information to respond to your requests, or to contact you via email or telephone to inform you of our new services that might be of interest to you. 


This content on this site, including all blog posts are fully copyrighted. However, you are free to use and share the content with full attribution to the source within the site. 

Affiliate Programs

In future, we will be running a few affiliate programs to deliver a higher value to our readers. This may take the shape of links, banner ads appearing on the site that relate to the content on the page. These could be potential books, products or services that our readers find useful.