Book review: Corporation 2020 by Pavan Sukhdev

Change won’t just happen as there  are no easy or elegant solutions – Pavan Sukhdev Corporation 2020 is a very strong book. It is also much nuanced. It hits directly where wealth and power resides. Not only it challenges the businesses to transform themselves into the corporations of the future, it also challenges the governments to provide enabling conditions […]

3 ways to understand your Business Environment

A few years ago, a major American automaker invested a couple of billion dollars in a brand new green facility – LEED certified and the works! Surely, it would have been a very strategic decision at the time. It made sense to lead from the front. But as it turned out, it was a very dear […]

How do you define your Scope of Extended Enterprise?

Consider for example, when Coca Cola looks into the future and worry about the looming water shortage which is intrinsic to their product. Or when Walmart looks ahead and see the depleting fish reserves in the ocean or when Ikea, wonders where they are going to source their raw materials 20 years from now. The […]

9 Essential Principles of building a Sustainable Enterprise

How much good is good enough? The philosophy of doing good by doing well still seem all too altruistic for many companies around the world. Today, not even a single business can be said to be a truly sustainable business. Even companies like Patagonia, Stonyfield farm, Interface Global, or Starbucks who have been at the […]

Does Promotional Mix differ in Sustainability?

No! Advertising, Personal selling, Sales promotion, and Publicity or PR – the 4 major elements of promotion mix in traditional marketing are the same for Green or Sustainable Marketing and communications. Only that each of these has a specific role and application in sustainability spin. Let’s take a brief look at each one of these: Advertising A mass media tool reaching […]

Six Sustainability embedded Pricing Strategies

Sustainability Embedded Pricing can play a major role in acting as a key differentiator from the competition. Here are 6 design for environment (dfe) pricing strategies that can be incorporated in products to deliver ongoing gains: Premium Green Pricing A number of surveys all over the world have repeatedly shown that a particular segment of […]

Top 5 reasons why Sustainability strategies fail

Let’s say, as a Sustainability Manager in a company, you’ve managed to convince the senior leadership to go ahead with some sustainability strategies that can immediately be employed within the existing operating  framework of the company. Where would you begin? Will you look at changing the bulbs to CFL’s? Would you look at reducing the power consumption […]

7 Mission Statements that inspire Sustainability

How do you know if a company is serious on the sustainability front? Well…take a look at their mission and vision statements or their guiding principles and values – those few words that are the reason for an organization’s very existence will tell you what they’re doing towards creating a sustainable world or whether sustainability is even on their minds. […]

6 immediate benefits of a Sustainability program

It may not be cost effective in the start, it may not add to the bottomline – but that is not the reason you go for sustainability programs. Eating healthy, exercising may not be cost effective in the start either – rather it will be inconvenient, a digression from the “business as usual” paradigm. But you do […]

How do you balance customer expectations with supply chain realities?

Consider this scenario:  You are one of the most loved brands in the country. You’ve built your reputation among the Goliaths of the industry as a pure organic, natural brand. Now, you switch over from your key natural ingredients of baby wipes to conventional regular ones – Why? Money! Yes, the cost of making them were getting […]

10 Sustainability Trends

Sustainability has really come of age  – akin to saying that an era of Sustainability 2.0 has begun. Companies the world over have at least agreed on one thing – climate change is real and is happening faster than expected. Bringing that change hinges on the elephants in the room – companies like Walmart. Why? […]

4 Effective Strategy Framework for Sustainable Innovation

The challenge for business is to provide improved services and much more functional products – but in innovative ways as to drastically reduce its reliance on materials, energy, labour and waste. So, the question is “Can innovation and technology be part of the solution to reverse the global warming trend and how can companies innovate in […]

Culture change towards sustainability

Culture – often known as the character of the organization, refers to a company’s values, beliefs, business principles, traditions, ways of operating, and internal work environment. Depending on how a culture gets evolved in a company – is it static or dynamic, is it weak or strong, is it open or authoritative, is it innovative […]

5 Business cases for Sustainability

All the talk we hear about companies saving money due to various measures – be it through product innovation or improving efficiency or by generating own energy – here I think are the important questions: Q1. Should or shouldn’t those savings made by the company because of its sustainability efforts be passed down to the end […]

Eco-Labeling Impacts

The Eco-labeling trend began in the early 90’s led by the civil society but soon transformed into what has become a benchmark – a certification system, that businesses have voluntarily tried to adhere to make more environmentally benign products vying for the ever-fleeting consumer attention. A vast variety of eco-labeling schemes have been adopted by different countries to inform consumers about […]

Role of transparency in a triple bottom line business model

What is the role of transparency in management of a triple bottom line (TBL) business model? The answer is not whether to be or not to be, but rather how much. ‘If I have done some good, do I tell all about it or tell a bit about it or simply stay quite and go […]

The Roadmap to Sustainability

The first thing to make Triple Bottom Line (TBL) accounting a success is to gain allies in different domains and sub-domains, like Development, Design, Purchase and Marketing – essentially establishing  a cross- functional team that can cut through the red tape and get things done. The roadmap towards sustainability will look something like listed below: Making […]

5 initial roadblocks to Sustainability

Let’s take an hypothetical case of an IT company. Let’s say it is one of the leading companies in the IT services in India with about 6000 employees worldwide with different domains and the entire work is client-driven.

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