Guest Lecturing

I have now started to disseminate the knowledge and the findings gained from the recently concluded 7 month research work conducted to address remanufacturing from a holistic viewpoint by incorporating sustainability aspects and to use the knowledge gained to further address and propose solutions to JLR by developing a strategic action plan. This work has also added value to the existing body of knowledge for automotive sector and sustainability as a wider topic.

I personally interviewed (face to face and over the phone), a total of 38 mid to senior management professionals divided into 4 different groups – JLR, JLR dealers, 10 different OEM’s, and think-tank (comprising of academics, independent consultants, trade councils etc.). The work took a qualitative approach and primarily looked into various design for reman strategies, Servitization as a business model, EU and international regulations related to end-of-life, customer perception at the sale point, and proposed a set of key indicators that are suggested to be tracked as a benchmark against key competitors.

Current guest lectures booked and delivered at Coventry University as part of its Masters Supply Chain Management and Sustainability course modules and Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG).

I am now currently accepting guest lecturing engagements from organisations and academic institutes who are serious to learn more by sharing the insights gained. Although the study was done for JLR, all confidential information is shielded. Also, the lectures do not represent JLR.

Kindly contact me via the Contact page.