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Clean Energy- Quick facts

Renewable energy renews it self – it doesn’t deplete, can be used repeatedly and once the infrastructure is in place, it becomes practically free and pays for itself after some time – also it’s pollution-free. Come to think of it even fossil fuels like petroleum and coal can also be considered renewable sources…only if we can wait […]

The Green Road: Treading uncharted waters

The next time you go for your iced latte at Starbucks, observe the ice melting away in the glass. As you sit sipping away at your drink, two oxygen molecules befriend a carbon molecule, forming a potent gas that threatens to liquefy all of the ice not only in your glass but all over the […]

Growth policies that trigger Green Economy – III (China)

   China: Ambitious targets for the Greener world (This article continues in the 4 part series of Policies for Green economy in USA, Japan, China, India by Rangika, Nathan, Gan and Pankaj at Anaheim Green MBA program. This post looks into the Chinese economy and the steps it has taken in that direction) China has […]

Selling beyond the poor

Co-creation, Embedded Innovation: Start small, fail small, Learn BIG
Stu Hart moves beyond selling to the poor to co-venturing in business with the poor – the onset of BOP 2.0

Corporate Perspectives on Resource-Efficient Growth and Development

Eco or Resource-Efficiency catches at a glance the balance business strives toward sound ecology and profitable operations – Bjorn Stigson, Former WBCSD President “Most CEO’s don’t understand Sustainability”, said John Elkington in a recent interview to Economic Times. Well, that sums up this post and the Corporate Perspectives on Sustainability and Resource-Efficient growth within the Indian […]

Rewarding multiple companies for a common sustainability goal

It is often said that sustainability’s major challenge is to bring various stakeholders together on the same table – biologists with designers, CEO’s with the workers, NGO’s with private sector etc. Sustainable development is a systems issue which can’t be treated in isolation. For example, just looking at the increasing financial bottom line is not […]

Relax. Go easy on water with Water Free Urinals

That’s the picture I stared at stuck right in front of me while doing it in the washroom of DLF Promenade, an upmarket mall in Delhi built by the DLF group. I thought about this message for a while directed to the visitors of this place – this is one of the fantastic examples of green marketing strategies I […]

Designing cities for people and not for cars – Improving Walkability

Walkability is a growing concern in our cities. Sure enough, a city that doesn’t provide appropriate pedestrain infrastructure to its dwellers is sending a strong message of insecurity and unsafe streets – streets that are increasingly being built for cars and not for people. And this is disheartening, because real joy of a city is always experienced […]

“The Car is the problem!”

Cities are increasingly being built for cars and not for people, when it should be the other way round.  And more cars (irrespective of whether they are green or not) mean reduced green cover in the city and increased cover of asphalt, roads and concrete. And that is the challenge of sustainability – how to cause change without affecting […]

2 companies using “P2” as a Proactive Marketing Strategy

Pollution Prevention (P2) is reducing or eliminating waste at the source by modifying production processes, promoting the use of non-toxic or less-toxic substances, implementing conservation techniques, and re-using materials rather than putting them into the waste stream. It is an effective ‘getting more from less’ strategy. A true proactive strategy assumes at the start of the […]

“Sustainability in Motion” at Tata Motors

When it comes to Sustainability, Indian businesses are not a strong candidate for sustainable business practices and marketing strategies. However, for the Tata group comprising of 90 companies in more than 80 countries, the environment has always been sacred. Throughout its history, it has nurtured projects and policies that reflect a conviction that nature cannot […]

Growth policies that trigger Green Economy – IV (India)

INDIA: Economic Growth in the Green sector through policy integration (This article is the last in the 4 part series of Policies for Green economy in USA, Japan, China, India by Rangika, Nathan, Gan and Pankaj at Anaheim Green MBA program. This post looks into the Indian economy and the steps it has taken in that […]

Growth policies that trigger Green Economy – I (USA)

-:By Rangika Samaraweera, Gan Shu, Nathan Small, Pankaj Arora:- What kind of government policies can trigger economic growth in the area of green economy? Recently, my colleagues and I at Anaheim MBA worked on a paper focusing on just that. We looked at 4 different economies –USA, Japan, China, India and delved into what the leaders […]

Nuclear Energy Debate – Let the battle continue

When you’re sitting on an archipelago with more than 100 volcanoes with unique cross-section of tectonic plates underneath, the 54 odd nuclear reactors in Japan pose, not a possibility of ‘if’ but ‘when’ – when the unforseen happens.

Designer’s Toolkit: From Planned Obsolescence to Design for Environment (DfE) – I: Biomimicry

DESIGN – the sole realm of the creative minds thus far, has moved beyond the select few to being an integral part of the business strategy of a company. One of the ways this is reflected is in the idea of Planned Obsolescence, that designers have been forced to adopt by the well known companies […]

Future of Energy

It is estimated that by the middle of this century the global energy demand will more than double from the current levels of consumption, with the maximum growth coming from the developing countries, primarily China and India. The often debated question is whether we have required energy in the planet in the form of fossil […]

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