Relax. Go easy on water with Water Free Urinals

That’s the picture I stared at stuck right in front of me while doing it in the washroom of DLF Promenade, an upmarket mall in Delhi built by the DLF group. I thought about this message for a while directed to the visitors of this place – this is one of the fantastic examples of green marketing strategies I […]

Designer’s Toolkit: From Planned Obsolescence to Design for Environment- III: Dematerialization

Dematerialization The third tool in the Design for Environment is Dematerialization – reducing the amount of material that goes into making of a product. It’s an offshoot of the concept of  ‘increased resource productivity’ or making more from less. This tool holds the most promise as it’s a natural evolution of a product’s design cycle. […]

Designer’s Toolkit : From Planned Obsolescence to Design for Environment (DfE)- II: C2C

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) : The 2nd tool in Designer’s Toolkit Before we go into this tool of C2C, let’s look at these 2 questions? “How can we love all the children of the world of all times all the time?” “What was it before it was a bottle and what it will be after […]

Designer’s Toolkit: From Planned Obsolescence to Design for Environment (DfE) – I: Biomimicry

DESIGN – the sole realm of the creative minds thus far, has moved beyond the select few to being an integral part of the business strategy of a company. One of the ways this is reflected is in the idea of Planned Obsolescence, that designers have been forced to adopt by the well known companies […]

Pinning down the high impacts – LCA

Life Cycle Assessment – from birth till death & closing the loop What’s the common thread tying Levis, Timberland, Coke, Starbucks, and Patagonia – besides being some of my favorite brands, they all are leading field in the sustainability space! They are forcing other businesses to dive deep into the supply chains in their product’s life cycle to identify […]

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