EU Legislations around End-of-Life vehicles and their impact on remanufacturing

More than 7 million vehicles end their journey each year in the EU with the top 5 countries (Germany, UK, France, Italy, and Spain) generating about 5 million or about 70% of the total.  This provides humungous opportunity for the recyclers because of the heavily regulated end-of-life (EoL) directives which set the reuse, recycling and recovery targets by weight per vehicle. 



The new year has kicked off on a couple of bright notes for me – one, I have started on a new role at JLR in the Energy Storage team looking at battery remanufacturing and second life scenarios for the batteries that are no longer useful for electric vehicles (for example, grid energy storage) and […]

Valuing the services of nature and why it is so important for business

Natural Capital Coalition with the help of WBCSD and IUCN has brought together several businesses to develop the Natural Capital Protocol, a framework to internalize the externalities that will be tested by 40 leading businesses including The Coca Cola, Hugo Boss, Dow Chemicals, Shell and several others. The testing programme of the framework will be led by […]

Beyond Zero – Building a Green Brand

Urb-E – Meet the World’s Most Compact E-vehicle

Personal Mobility is finally starting to take off. Using the Lithium-ion battery, Urb-E or the world’s most compact e-scooty is focused on connecting the last mile – from a train, a bus or even after parking your car. It claims to go for 20 miles on single full charge that takes up to 3 hours. […]

Article: Scale-Up, Speed Up: 10 Strategies to Accelerate the Impact of your Sustainability Business

Scale-Up, Speed Up: 10 Strategies to Accelerate the Impact of your Sustainability Business

Worn Wear: A film about stories we wear by Patagonia

If at all you want any movie to affect the way you think and act – then let this be the one that does that in the new year. Worn Wear is a film that can transform the way you think about the way you live and the way you buy – especially in this […]

Expectations from Business and Government in context of Climate Change

 Neither the business by it self or the government on its own can tackle climate change issues. Both need to set their priorities very clear in context of climate change and then act upon them. As Interface Carpet’s blog title suggests, we need to “Cut the fluff” and get to some actionable steps. Here are […]

Can we ever live consciously?

The recent IPCC report reiterates what has already been proved – that humanity is largely responsible for changing the climate and even if the World Inc. begins to reduce its green house gas (GHG) emissions now, earth will experience temperature rise, sea rise, heat waves, rains and what have you. This is, if we become conscious […]

Formula One and Sustainability: How F1 is Driving Efficiency to New Heights

Guest Post In the not so distant past, sustainable or eco-friendly transport meant small fuel efficient engines with the equally smaller sized car bodies. Electric vehicles were called a compromise – in desire, speed and driving range. Prius moved the needle on the hybrids. Tesla came along with their model S and then BMW started […]

Unilever looks to young entrepreneurs to help make sustainable living commonplace

New awards launched by Unilever in partnership with the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership to find next generation of sustainable living entrepreneurs London & Rotterdam – September 2, 2013 – A new international awards programme designed to inspire young people around the world to tackle environmental, social and health issues is announced today by Unilever and the […]

BMW’s All-Electric i3: Will This Vehicle Steal Tesla’s Thunder?

When Motor Trend crowned the Tesla Model S the 2013 Car of the Year, it put the electric car manufacturer on a pedestal no one could touch. Now, BMW wants to take its place with the introduction of its first all-electric vehicle, the i3. While electric cars are just getting started, fuel-efficient hybrids and diesels […]

Clarity vs Popularity – A word called “Sustainability”

GUEST POST by Ideas Roadshow A friend of mine has long argued that there is an inverse relationship between the popularity of a word and its meaning. The trendier a word has become, he says, the fuzzier it is, until eventually it’s used everywhere and means nothing. “Sustainability” seems a perfect example for his theory. […]


With the effects of Global Warming being noticed in worldwide climatic change, there has been an increase in the number of Green enthusiasts. They now try to save and reuse every bit of the Earth’s natural resources—from sourcing electricity from solar panels to reusing water in gardening. The reason? We have been depleting the planet’s […]

Unilever Sustainable Living Plan helping to drive growth

Unilever’s commitment to put sustainable and equitable growth at the heart of its business model is helping to drive increased sales while reducing costs and risks, according to the second Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Progress Report published today. Globally, brands that have made sustainability central to their brand proposition or product innovation have accelerated sales […]

‘Change the rules of the game”: Summary Primer on Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

Many know Seychelles as an exotic holiday destination. What many don’t know is that Seychelles is also one of the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Just last week itself, the country was flooded. Or look at Maldives. Another holiday locale for the Bollywood industry. Maldives is also where the world’s first underwater cabinet meeting was held […]

5 Key Take aways from Day 3 @TERI’s Sustainble Development Summit

In the past one year I attended several sustainability conferences – a couple of CII-ITC Sustainability Summits, Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value Forum, Unilever’s USLP and some others as well. And I must admit that no other conference came close to the size, grandeur, and sheer overwhelming presence of world leaders and personalities in the world of Economics, Sustainability, Climate change […]

From Tom Friedman to Jeff Sachs: Day 2@ TERI’s Sustainable Summit

Am I boasting that I heard Tom Friedman, Prof. Jefferey Sachs, Sir Jonathon Porritt, Dr. Larry Brilliant, Dr.R Pachauri speak in the space of half a day? Well, yes, I am. And not to mention the top leadership of some of most forward thinking companies like BMW and the Heads of States and change makers from numerous countries like […]

12 Key Take Aways from Day 1 @ TERI’s flagship DSDSummit 2013

TERI couldn’t have done a better job at the 13th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit in bringing together global stakeholders on a single platform— both multi & bi-lateral development organizations, governments, the corporate sector, non-governmental organizations, and academic and research institutions. Distinguished speakers, erudite audience, and the right flavour of topics that got discussed. Day 1 saw six […]

9 Sustainability Challenges & Opportunities Across Sectors

If you have read ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert Pirsig, you will know what “Quality” is – not as a characteristic, but as an inherent value…just as the value of “quality” that gets reflected from the above picture. And to embed that value of quality into sustainability is by far the biggest challenge any company in any sector can face. We […]

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