Video: Green Economy and Sustainable Development

Here is one video I thought is particularly interesting. Though it’s a bit dated (created in the run-up to Rio+20), the video takes the viewer through a short history of sustainable development. This short 10 miniute clip brings back the social into the Green Economy, which is often missed out on these discussions.

1987 – Our Common Future (Brundtland Report)

1992 – Rio Earth Summit

1999 – Grassroots Anti-Globalization Movement

2000 – Millenium Summit

2001 – First World Social Forum, Brazil

2008 – Green Economy Ideas enter mainstream, UNEP initiative launched

2012 – Rio +20

Low Carbon Economy (Green Economy) = Low carbon growth + Resource Efficiency + Social Inclusivity

One of the questions is what is the role of Green Economy within the current Triple Crises? What are those triple crisis – Socio-political, Economic, Ecological. And the good part is that Ecological crisis can be harnessed to solve all the three of them.

Find out about UNRISD’s Project on the Social Dimensions of Green Economy and Sustainable Development  at


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