10 benefits of Online education and my experience of it

A few years ago, I was looking to accelerate my career and was exploring the options of doing an MBA – either full time, or part time. Online was not on the radar. But I had one barrier – I was living in a place fairly removed from the main cities of Tokyo or Osaka (cities that offer part-time or full-time MBA courses in English).

Perhaps you can say, I was forced to look at Online MBA options. And since many still feel that an online MBA doesn’t hold much value as full-time ones, I decided to go for a unique MBA – The Green MBA in Sustainable Management, which resonated with my values and long-term thinking (Green MBA, from Anaheim University, USA)

My experience – Unique & Different

I had a fantastic experience and the program was a steep learning curve for me. It was very much unlike other regular programs that tell you what to do. Here I was expected to do my own research, find out my own learning resources apart from the prescribed textbooks. I was led into the world of learning via podcasts, video lectures, live online classrooms, discussion boards – a highly interactive and stimulating environment available at the comfort of my home, and more often, the coffee shops where I did my most studies 🙂

The professors were experts in their fields and one of the major advantanges is that online programs can recruit professors from all over the world without any geographic limitations. The program was engaging as I communicated with students from a wide variety of fields and from different countries, sitting in different time-zones, gaining insight, sharing ideas and networking.

“A recent study carried out in the United States showed that online students preserve closer relationships with fellow alumni after graduating than do students from on-campus programs. This can be explained by the fact that online students establish good online communication habits, and relationships formed by online study can easily be continued through e-mail, chat and telephone”

For a list of Green MBA programs, click here

So, here I believe are the 10 benefits of an Online MBA program (and if its a Green MBA, then benefits multiply)

  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Greenest way to study – Low carbon footprint
  • Zero lost opportunity cost
  • Immediate implementation of studies at work
  • Flexible as you set your own schedule around your work and family commitments
  • Higher Interconnectivity and improved net etiquettes
  • Portable (I started while in Japan, and completed it after I moved to India)
  • No GMAT required (some may agrue otherwise, but I always felt it to be a great advantage. Nevertheless, I did take a GMAT a couple of years earlier with not so great score of 600+. I also believe scores are false indicators of ones abilities)
  • Helps preserve tremendous amounts of resources
  • Makes you an efficient online researcher of facts

One of the major advantage of the Online Green MBA program that I had was my blog – yes, this very blog that you are at right now.

It was started as a way to store my assignments. Soon I realized, no one wanted to read academic papers. So, I tweaked them to make them short and readable (from generally boring ones) And this reminds me, I never handed in a boring paper (it was not a regular course!)

No doubt, a full-time MBA or rather a standard MBA offers much more in terms of job offers and renumeration. Online MBA’s and a Green one at that has a high liability in placement scenario. Colleges won’t help you get a job. You’ve gotto go out and find yourself one. It’s a tough call, especially if you’re doing MBA mid-career to change tracks. But that doesn’t mean everything amounts to naught.

To make MBA scalable in the growing demand, online is the only way to go. In fact, online MBA is not for ones who want to find out what they would like to do after an MBA. It is for those who already know where they want to go and know how an Online program can help them reach their goal.

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(Image credit: Anaheim University)

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