Video: Earth 2050 – The Future of Energy

I challenge anyone to take out their precious 43 minutes to watch this video – it will be worth your while.

Shell, along with the Wired magazine and Discovery Communications created this documentary titled:

Earth 2050 – The future of energy

Being in the dirty fossil fuel business, Shell is taking the energy challenge head-on by sharing through this video what part Shell is playing in presenting the world with the cleanest possible sources of fuels in the future. There’re going to be naysayers, critics and call this a marketing gimmick – call what you may, the fact remains and that needs solutions – not one but a regular, scalable source of energy mix.

Because this world needs cities – Big Mega Cities to accomodate the 9 billion of us by 2050. And to power those cities the energy demand will more than double. The question is where that energy is going to come from? After all we need energy to produce food, fuel transport and power communication channels across the world – all in the climate change scenario and dimishing non-renewable energy resources.

Let’s go  is a campaign started by Shell demonstrating the company’s committment towards production of clean energy.

Earth 2050 – The Future of Energy takes a look at both the real challenges, as well as the people of today who are working to come up with innovative, viable solutions to create a more sustainable energy future for the world.

Full Screen, Sit back and enjoy the show!

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