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A MBA is increasingly becoming a necessity for those seeking a high-level business career. It is often the case that management, executive and other senior positions are only open to those who hold an MBA. Traditionally these courses involve the study of core subjects such as financial aspects of business, conventional economic theory, people management and business ethics.

A Sustainable or a Green MBA, however, includes these core subjects, but also offers in-depth study of social and environmental sustainability topics.

As MBA’s require a significant financial outlay as well as a considerable time investment, a growing number of people are choosing to pursue their MBA online. By opting to study for an MBA online, sacrifices concerning current working or family commitments are lessened. In addition to this, traveling time is reduced, which ultimately makes any online MBA a more sustainable option. As any savvy business graduate will know, the MBA held will be more valuable if it comes from a prestigious academic institution. Online MBAs are no different, which is why it is important to obtain one from a college or university that has a great reputation.

Who’s offering Online Green MBA

The first accredited online MBA program in sustainable business was offered by Green Mountain College in Vermont. Students from New York, California, Colorado, Washington and Wisconsin graduated in 2008. Thanks to this enviable start, Green Mountain is often considered the pioneer of business programs with an environmental ethos. With a reputation for being the “greenest school in the USA,” it is unsurprising that the college continues to offer one of the most well respected green online MBA programs. Ranked highly by Sierra Magazine and the Princeton Review , this program involves the study of 37 individual credits. Each credit costs $795, for a total cost of $29,415.

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Students may also choose to study at the highly respected Anaheim University online programs which also offers a Sustainable Management track. Focused on sustainable practices, social responsibility and leadership, the MBA involves the study of six traditional business administration subjects and six courses in sustainable management. Students can commence this popular online green MBA program every six weeks. The average cost of the program is $20,875 depending on when an application is made. Those students who are able to pay in full before the start of the course may be eligible for a discount of up to 30%. It is expected that this intensive course will be completed in an 18-month period.

What to look for?

Choosing to study an online green MBA is undoubtedly a wise choice. Aside from the valuable contributions graduates are able to make to sustainability for future generations, they also stand to be compensated well for their efforts. The Graduate Management Admissions Council’s  recruiters Survey found that MBA graduates in 2012 can expect a salary that is on average $40,000 higher than those of bachelor degree holders.

That said, making a decision on which online MBA to study should be taken extremely carefully. Although online education removes limitations concerning geographical location and campus facilities, this just means that other aspects of the choice will become more prevalent. Individuals should look carefully at each possible establishment, evaluating the possibilities with the help of ranking tables,  while ensuring that the MBAs being considered offer the credits needed to pursue a desired business vocation. With such a wide variety now available through the Internet, finding the perfect online green MBA should not be challenging.

About the author: Linda Forshaw is a graduate from Lancaster University in the UK. A contributor to,  she is a full time writer and blogger specializing in education, social media and entrepreneurship. Contact her on Twitter @seelindaplay

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