SC Johnson is not new in the corporate sustainability arena. It has a long history of doing the right thing, both for the people and the planet. For example, in 2001, SC Johnson internally developed its ingredient selection process called its Greenlist™ process that classifies raw materials according to their impact on the environment and human health.

Then it came out with, a dedicated website, inviting consumers and everyone to take a look at what goes in making their products. This ingredient leadership of the company now extends by launching two groundbreaking programs focused on closing the gap between families’ environmental aspirations and their everyday choices:

1.     The SC Johnson Sustainable Behavior Change Program is a groundbreaking research project studying how to inspire behavior change around sustainable choices. Over the next five years, academics, environmentalists and consumers will take part in a research program studying how to inspire behavior change around sustainable actions

2.     The SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge, in partnership with Recyclebank®, is a consumer action initiative designed to incent waste reduction in communities across the U.S. This initiative is one way SC Johnson is working toward its goal of becoming landfill neutral by eliminating or diverting 480 million pounds of waste from landfills, which is greater than its U.S. waste footprint. SC Johnson intends to achieve this goal by reducing its own waste through reduced product packaging, operational changes and consumer engagement.

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SC Johnson recognizes that companies need to figure out how to make sustainable choices easier and more desirable for families. Ultimately, the Green Choices Recycling Challenge aims to increase consumers’ recycling and contribute to the company’s goal to become landfill neutral by 2016. The SC Johnson Sustainable Behavior Change Program will further the impact of this effort by gathering and analyzing research about recycling behaviors throughout the program.

Learn more about SC Johnson’s efforts in its 2011 Public Report at

Bringing long lasting behavior change among consumers in terms of making green choices will not only help SC Johnson as a company, but will also help spread the much needed awareness of various sustainability practices different companies are doing. This will also help the industry at large, as more and more people become aware of what kind of characteristics make up a green product. To bring this change, the company is also running a Green Choices blog that shares eco-friendly tips and activities people can try with their families. The company has also come out with an infographic that depicts the many benefits of refilling and selling concentrated products as opposed to selling the already diluted products.

See the infographic ‘The Road to Refills”

Also, starting in 2012, SC Johnson will start rolling out product labels that list ingredients using their International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients names (INCI), a naming system used by the personal care products industry.

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