What Green Marketing will achieve that Traditional Marketing won’t?

In spite of its incredibly long run in the business, an inherent problem exists in the traditional marketing approach – it achieves its goals and targets – AT ANY COST.

Yes, that is the problem!

What  will Green Marketing achieve that traditional marketing won’t?

To answer this, let’s first look at where Traditional Marketing starts?

  •  It starts from analyzing consumer research data, looking at the internal organizational goals, and making a sale – all with a focus to hopefully creating a loyal repeat consumer and adding to the bottom line profits – in other words a win-win proposition.

Now, Green Marketing will achieve all of that, plus it will also look at the environmental burden and the overall ecological cost that the entire marketing process entails – in other words, a win-win-win proposition.

That is by far the biggest achievement of Green Marketing. Traditional marketing has always externalized the costs – either moved somewhere else in the supply chain or delayed to some future time through emissions and waste generation.

Green or Sustainable marketing internalizes all those costs and reaches an optimal solution without moving costs around anywhere along the product’s lifecycle.

And because of this, true costs of products will appear that traditionally have been made to appear “so cheap”. This is what Green Marketing can do and that will be enough to pursue all encompassing sustainability goals.

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What else?

  • Traditional marketing appeals on the direct functional benefits and emotions. Green Marketing will do this, plus appeal on indirect long term environmental benefits.
  • Traditional marketing educates the consumer about the product. Green Marketing will do this, plus help determine ecologically sound product choices.
  • Traditional marketing bases its supplier network on quality, functionality, and price. Green Marketing will do this, plus forces its vendors to turn green.

Traditional Marketing has served businesses well, but it has come with a cost on others.

A report by Extraprise, a Boston based marketing consulting firm, describes Traditional Marketing as looking at product, price, data, and managing people and campaigns – Green Marketing looks at the consumer, creating value, using the information as insight and measuring the process all along.

A much more holistic achievement. Don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “What Green Marketing will achieve that Traditional Marketing won’t?

    1. Daivd – Really appreciate your taking the time to go thru some of the posts in this blog and liking them. Sometimes communication strategies can actually move forward or create setbacks in action towards sustainable practices…that’s where green marketing sits…

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