“Don’t buy this Jacket” – And yet…

If we remember, in November last year, Patagonia came out with a campaign telling people to not to buy their jacket! Why?

I tell my daughter to take a holiday from the school and then she wants to go to the school. You tell your boss that you are quitting and then he gives you higher responsibility.

We say “No” and it actually results in a “Yes”. That’s counter-intuitive reasoning working for you. Can it backfire? Possibly…depends on who’s using the reasoning. But certainly not when a renegade trendsetting company like Patagonia counter-reasons with its customers.

So, why does Patagonia not want people to buy their jackets?

“Because Patagonia wants to be in business for a good long time –  and leave a world inhabitable for our kids – we want to do the opposite of every other business today. We ask you to buy less and to reflect before you spend a dime on this jacket or anything else”.

Building upon its Common Threads Initiative, Patagonia along with ebay is urging people to Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle whatever products they currently use or further intend to buy – not just Patagonia jackets! And it is going beyond the 4R’s to imagine a 5th R – Reimagine, “to reimagine a world where we take only what nature can replace”.

Hopefully this will result in what Patagonia thinks will result in…and some more…

In all possibility, now after 3 months, the sales figures would have gone up after this. Yes – this would’ve actually resulted in more sales of Patagonia’s products.

Also,  this action would’ve evoked a new breed of ‘green consumers’ – those consumers who were on the sidelines of sustainability, but now would’ve actually entered that sacred domain of “less is more” thought.

It will appeal to all those who value quality – because Patagonia’s clothing is high quality. And if a jacket from this company uses 135 liters of water, generates waste 24 times its weight and emitts 20 pounds of CO2, then don’t even mention about other cheaper widespread options coming from other low-wage, high production countries.

Whatever the outcome – increased sales or self-fulfilling prophecy coming true – Patagonia has been walking the talk for a long time and this ad certainly has encouraged a more sustainable consumption.

Will it happen? Do you think the sales would’ve gone up?

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