James Hansen on Climate change, nuclear and China: Partner blog

Last week, partner blogger Florian in New Zealand who writes at ‘Sustainable futures (?) attended a packed James Hansen talk at Auckland University on climate change and its moral implications, which Florian felt was a misnomer – what he presented was a fact laden sermon – something which we don’t already know.

Dr. Hansen also talked much on China’s energy needs in the coming years. According to him, “More than any other country on earth, the Chinese are investing in carbon-free energy. Apart from that, soon China will have surpassed the US economically not least because it has jumped on the green economy band waggon – and the US has not”.

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Florian writes, “What he mainly presented to the hundreds of people who were fast enough to grab a seat in cramped the lecture theatre (they had to stream to another room, so popular was the talk), was a wrap-up of scientific findings showing that yes, climate change is happening, that carbon emissions are our key concern (all the natural processes that also lead to climate change are much slower and therefore can’t really be blamed for the speed of current changes), and how irresponsible governments are to acknowledge the issue but not to do anything/enough about it to…

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Picture credit: Joy Garnett creative commons


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