Green companies – Interface Global

Interface Global : Leading Modular carpets and Tiles manufacturer

In 1994, Ray Anderson, the 62 year old CEO of the then 22 year old Interface Global Inc., was asked by his customers about the company’s environmental policy. He was clueless!

He came across Paul Hawken’s book ‘Ecology of Commerce’. “It was a spear in the chest”, he describes in one of the several lectures that he gives around the world to share his company’s story. And that was the year, when company began its climb towards sustainability.  

Today, Interface Global is a world leader in industrial ecology – ahead of GE, Toyota, and Walmart. It is right on track to being a 100% sustainable company and an environmentally restorative one by the year 2020.

 A public listed company, with over a billion dollar in sales and serving over 100 markets with manufacturing in 6 countries, the company survived the recent recession because of its sustainability efforts due to which, the company had lower costs, greener products, loyal employees and the goodwill of the customers. It has pioneered its processes through bio-mimicry and bio-based raw materials.

  Mission Zero 2020: Zero environmental footprint





7 Fronts of Mount Sustainability: ‘The’ mountain to climb 

  • Eliminating Waste
  • Emitting Benign Emissions
  • Using Renewable Energy
  • Closing the loop
  • Using Resource-Efficient Transportation
  • Sensitizing Stakeholders
  • Redesigning Commerce

 The way to being carbon neutral


Interface is also a part of Bio-mimicry guild: A cohort dedicated  to inventing and discovering nature inspired materials to use in products…repalcing the petro-chemicals!

Interface is one  of my favorite green companies. Right from its CEO Ray Anderson, down to the shop floor worker – sustainability is embedded in the ‘blood’. Owing to its enormous success, the company now runs ‘Sustainability training’ programs helping guide other companies in their climb to Mt. Sustainability.

About 12 years ago, Ray told his story in a book titled “Mid-course correction” and now his latest book “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist” debunks the myth of financial and environmental success beating down separate paths.

Definitely a company to watch out for!

Other Green Companies

1. Xerox – Energy Challenge 2012 goals

2. “Sustainability in Motion” at Tata Motors

3. Uniqlo, CSR and All product recycling initiative

4. Seventh Generation & Corporate Responsibility 2.0

Find more @

Ray’s book:


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